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Should You Use More Club Or Less Club?

Should you use more club or less club?

It’s a beautiful day and everything is perfect. Level lie, and the pin is 145 yards away in the center of the green. So you naturally consult your caddie and discuss which club to use, right? Seeing as we are just amateurs and don’t have a professional caddie on hand, what we do is this: use the club that goes 145 yards, if we hit it perfectly…Which leads to a mis-hit and usually being short. Probably in a sand trap or worse.

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How Hard Do You Swing?

Mainstream Advice – What is Hard?

One of the best pieces of advice for a golf swing I can give someone is the idea of how hard to swing.

I’ll ask the question: “How hard are you supposed to swing?”  I’ll give you three guesses but the first two don’t count.  I bet you knew the answer before I was done with the question right?  I bet you said, “85% is what everyone says.”  Try to find a different answer online and you may get someone to say other popular numbers like 90% or even one website says 50%. Which one is right?  Who really knows best?  Well… these are wonderful thoughts…but extremely useless. Continue reading How Hard Do You Swing?