Patience on the Golf Course

Why Patience Is Important In Golf

Why do you need Patience? If you have ever had a bad day, you know that things will eventually get better.  You’ve heard that “time heals all wounds.” While this may be true, how do you make time go faster?

“I want patience, but I want it right now!”  -Anonymous

This is where patience is important. Without it we get anxious and time slows down. With it we gain peace and become more relaxed. Time will mean less to us.

In golf, patience is a key fundamental. We don’t always play well, but if we have patience we will be more relaxed. This will eventually lead to better play and ultimately more fun.

Hosea 12:6b

Trust in your God and return to him. Be loyal and just, and wait patiently for your God to act.

Making Me Wait

I was starting to get serious about golf just before Shannon and I got married. I would play in as many competitive golf tournaments as I could. It was so much fun because she would caddie for me!

I spent hours working on my game each day. (Deep down I thought professional golf was my destiny.) One time I went through several tournaments where I wasn’t playing well and I remember being very frustrated. I was embarrassed at how poorly I would play. It felt like all the hard work I had put in wasn’t yielding any success. The thought of quitting came to mind!

Shannon reminded me that champions had several good qualities. Patience was one of them. I just needed to be patient and success would come.

She was right.  That year I won my first club championship, qualified for both the WV Open, the WV Amateur, lowered my handicap down to scratch, and was on my way to greatness…

Well, the next year we had our first child and then I really started to learn about patience. (I would give up my dreams for my children…What a blessing.) Now I am patiently waiting for them to start their own lives so I can get Shannon to caddie for me again!

She says, “Good luck with that one!”

Whether it is over years, a season, or one round, patience will serve you well if you have it.

Wait patiently on the golf course and on the Lord for good things to happen, and they will.

Here is another lesson on Practice Patience.

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