How Mini-Golf Can Help Your Golf Game

How’s Your Mini-Golf Skills?

You know it.  I know it.  We all know mini-golf can help our game.

But, why don’t we play mini golf more?  Is it because we think it’s too easy?  Or too hard?  Or, could it be that we’re not confident in our putting? Hmm.

Coal Country.

Cleve and I took the kids to play mini-golf recently at a place in West Virginia that has a coal miner theme.  Now this place has some great obstacles!  It was fun and challenging to work our way under and over things.

Of course, Cleve and Andrew were taking the game seriously and trying to win.  I was just enjoying the weather.  I should have been paying attention because they both beat me.  Next time boys.  Next time.

What I Forgot About Mini-Golf.

Remember that post about the key for putting?  About how you need to bend over more.  Well, I forgot to do that.  I didn’t have the same stance that I do when I play real golf and need to putt.  Cleve, of course, did.  He’s perfect. Yay.

But for the rest of us that struggle a little with our putting skills, try bending over more.  The idea is that you need to have your head positioned over the ball.  Just look at Michelle Wie.  She bends over so much they call it the table-top position.  Now, you don’t have to go to that extreme.  Find out what works for you and use it whether it’s in a real game or a mini-golf game.

Perfect putting skills

Oh, and here’s another tip for you, The Greens Are Fast!

“For I am confident of this very thing,

that He who began a good work

in you

will perfect it

until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Phillippians 1:6

God Bless and Have a Great Week!

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One thought on “How Mini-Golf Can Help Your Golf Game”

  1. That’s cool that mini golf can help you putt better because you have to practice positioning your head over the ball like you said. I don’t really play golf, but my toddler loves to watch it on TV. We’ll have to find a mini golf course for him to get started on.

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