A Lesson from the World Long Drive

The World Long Drive Championship.

It was on TV this past week,  and yes we watched it.  Over two days, qualifying golfers tried to beat each other in distance to win the World Long Drive Championship belt and $125,000.

The format is a two-man match play bracket with eight balls each to hit in under 3 minutes for the longest drive.

We saw drives around 350-360 yards the first night.  I asked Cleve if anyone got around 400 yards?  What a shocker it came when the next night the golfers were hitting it past 400 yards!

These guys that won their two-man match the first night actually hit it as far as 439 yards the second night.  Pretty impressive!  Hitting downwind made these amazing distances possible.

But something else was surprising.

The amount of drives that didn’t count was astounding.  There were so many out-of-bound shots that didn’t even make it on the grid to get measured.  The only drives that counted had to land on a grid about 40 yards wide.  My  guess is that maybe 25% of the drives counted.  Surprising!


A lesson from the World Long Drive

These guys that could hit a drive over 400 yards could not be accurate.  And several players couldn’t even get one drive to count.

One player hit all 8 balls without a single drive on the grid.  All the other player had to do was hit an easy shot, get it to count, and win. But did he do that? NOOO! He also hit every ball out-of-bounds. What? Is he crazy!?!  Maybe he didn’t realize he could’ve won the match with a chip shot.  It could’ve been an easy win, but he passed on the opportunity.

Since neither player got a shot to count they had to play another head-to-head round.  But this time, the first player was able to hit a drive to count and won the match.   He didn’t pass on a second chance to win.

So, what have we learned from this?

Don’t pass on an easy opportunity.

Too many times we let easy accomplishments slip by us.  We think, “I’ve put in a lot of hard work, it can’t be this easy.” Or, we want everyone to know how hard we’ve worked.  That may not be the right approach.  Maybe all we need to do is something simple.

Don’t worry, you’ll know when the time calls for you to go all-out.

“Commit to the LORD

whatever you do,

and He will

establish your plans.”

Proverbs 16:3 NIV

Work smarter.

God Bless!




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