Ladies Golf – We’ve Come A Long Way

Ladies Golf

Think back to how ladies golf began, the clothing that was worn, the clubs they used, and the teaching styles.  Now, fast forward 100+ years and you’ll agree we’ve come a long way.


Picture it, the year is 1890 and a group of ladies has just come out to play golf.  They have on Victorian gowns, carrying their lightweight day bags with a few clubs, and beautiful hats to protect them from the sun.  They walk off together speaking in quiet voices with etiquette infusing the air around them.   Everyone knows, “Look good, play good.”

Vintage Victorian clothing lady golfers would have worn

As time progressed, styles in ladies golf attire changed.  By the 1930’s skirts shortened and the shirtdress became popular on and off the course. Golf clubs were in mass production and matched sets were marketed for both men and women. The men have had their PGA club since 1919, but soon it would be time for the ladies.

“In 1950, the dreams and visions of 13 courageous women who wanted to play professional golf became a reality with the founding of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA).”

LPGA History

Thirteen courageous women. . .

They paved the way for women in golf.  And life.


Now, the LPGA tour plays around the world, with the best players from around the world.  They have sponsored tournaments such as the LOTTE Championship  held in Hawaii.

Of the top 100 players on the money list,  the bottom makes over $70,000.  This year, the top ladies player has a year to date earning of just over $2 million dollars.   Sounds pretty good.  It’s not quite equal to the top male player with over $7 million in year to date earnings, but we’ve still come a long way.


The styles may have changed for ladies golf, but the desire to play hasn’t changed one bit.  It’s just viewed better when a young girl says, “I want to be a professional golfer when I grow up.”

“Take delight in the LORD,

and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

Psalm 37:4  NIV

God Bless!

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