How is Your Perspective in Golf and Life?

Perspective – the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point. – Google

Have you ever looked at a golf course, thought it would be easy to play, but find that it was surprisingly difficult?

Perspective is the Factor

One time we took Andrew to a golf tournament at a course none of us had every played.  While driving up to the clubhouse, we all thought it looked open, flat, and fairly easy.  Our golf perspective was wrong.  Although the course looked easy there were hidden hazards, out of bounds, and hilly shots to be made.

I watched Andrew play hole after hole.  From the tee box, the holes looked open with no obstacles.  However, from the fairway the viewpoint was different.  There would be trees in the way, a drop off to a creek the size of a river, railroad tracks running in and out of the middle of the course, not to mention the usual out-of-bounds.

One word kept popping into my head.  Perspective.  Our perspective of this golf course misled us to believe there were no worries when there were hidden hazards ahead.  We should have been better prepared.

railroad tracks can be a hazard in golf and life

Course Knowledge

Looking back, there are some things I could have done to help Andrew.

  1. Playing a practice round.  Obviously.
  2. Going ahead of him to get a viewpoint of the terrain.
  3. Asking the other players if there were hazards to be aware of on the holes.  Except, no one in our group had played that course!

The Latin root for perspective means “look through” or “perceive,” and all the meanings have something to do with looking. –

Some synonyms for perspective are outlook, viewpoint, mindset, attitude, frame of mind, approach, way of looking, and belief.

In Golf and In Life

In golf, playing a practice round or playing with someone who knows the course gives us confidence in our perspective.  The knowledge we gain helps us to avoid hazards and play a better game.

In life, we have someone who has played the course before us.  Jesus.  He walked this world and the hazards of it and overcame.  All we have to do is look to Jesus to gain perspective.  He gave us course knowledge in His Word, the Bible.

God Bless!

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